PostgreSQL: Importance of Indexes
In certain situations, an index makes a query fast. In some cases, it makes a query slow. Creating an index simply means that a new data structure is created to help makes queries faster.
PostgreSQL: Locks
There are multiple ways to prevent concurrency problems.
PostgreSQL: Triggers in Action
After some time using databases, you will encounter custom functions and triggers. Triggers are used to add automated function calls before or after an event. Triggers may be used for data cleaning, logging, integrity checks, and preventing invalid operations. In this post, I'll show a quick demonstration on how triggers are used in PostgreSQL and how you can take advantage of this feature.
How Inodes Work
What's an inode and how do inodes work? An inode is simply a data structure that stores the details of a specific file such as the type (file or directory), the permissions, and the location where the data can be found. If the inode is a directory, it contains links to the inodes of the files and directories inside the said directory.
I realized that there isn't an existing Swift extension the converts a singular word to its plural form.
RubyConf Philippines 2015
A month ago, I went to Boracay to have some fun and join the other Rubyists in this year's Ruby Conference. I was given the opportunity to share what I have learned for the past couple of years as a Team Lead, Scrum Master, and Infrastructure Engineer.
Wrapping Nmap
Last year, I needed to find a way to organize my Nmap search results using Python without installing additional libraries such as python-nmap.
Teaching Ruby on Rails
Teaching the basics of a new programming language is a challenge.
AngularJS $shared
It is not a good idea to pollute the $rootScope and should only be used in certain scenarios.
AngularJS: Life Cycle
It is time we get a deeper understanding of the AngularJS life cycle
PostgreSQL: Row Locks
There are many reasons why data inconsistency issues occur and one of them involves race conditions. Race conditions are hard to debug since these usually occur with multiple concurrent sessions and transactions.
Mutex with Redis and Ruby
Redis is usually used for caching in web applications. About 2 or 3 years ago, we encountered a concurrency issue that forced us to find a way to protect a document without relying on database locks. We did some research and found out that Redis can be used to implement a distributed mutex.
Judging Experience
A couple of weeks ago, I got invited to be one of the judges in Pisay's Research Competition during the 2015 Youth Math Science and Technology Festival. Of course, I accepted the invite since it would be nice to to see Pisay again and see how the scholars of the current generation are doing so far.
AngularJS: Restangular
Restangular is a library that reduces unnecessary boilerplate code to write a simple query.
AngularJS: Digest Loop
When the scope model changes, the view updates automatically. How does AngularJS do that?